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Red, itchy eyes bothering you this fall?  You aren’t alone!  Pollen has been tough on a lot of us this year.  You don’t have to suffer though.  There are a few things you can do to minimize the effect of our bumper crop of ragweed.  Whenever possible, stay indoors while the pollen counts are highest.  Keep your windows closed and run the air conditioner.  When you do have to go out, wearing glasses and sunglasses can help block the pollen from your eyes.  In the car, keep those windows rolled up and use your air conditioner again.  Try not to rub your eyes as that is likely to make your symptoms worse.  Try placing a cool compress on your eyes instead.  Just like there are medications available to address the sneezing and congestion that accompany allergies, there are eye drops that can  help alleviate the discomfort your eyes experience.  If seasonal allergies are attacking your eyes, call Dr. Tu for an appointment to get a prescription for relief!

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