HD Ultra-Wide Imaging

Dr. Tu is excited to offer the latest in eye care imaging technology! Our CLARUS 500 captures clear and accurate images from the macula to the far periphery.

Early indications of diseases can often be subtle and difficult to see through direct observation or low-resolution fundus imaging. Early detection of eye disease is critical for your eye health. HD-UWF imaging is an advanced digital retinal examination which improves the ability to view your eye health using a high-resolution wide-field picture.

Some of the most harmful eye diseases occur in the far periphery of the eye, making them difficult to detect. Symptoms often do not manifest in the early stages, and vision may not be affected until there is significant and unrecoverable damage. This procedure allows Dr. Tu to document, review, and compare your retina images over time, permitting her to detect subtle changes in your eyes.

We pride ourselves on offering our patients the best possible standard of care, therefore Dr. Tu strongly advises all patients to have this photo document of your retina annually.

The fee for this procedure and consultation is $39.00.


HD Ultra-Wide Imaging Retinal Example

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