It’s Sunny Out There!

The temperatures are warming up and we are relishing beautiful springtime weather again!  Baseball, softball and soccer teams are getting back on the fields, golf courses are bustling, and it’s easy to find reasons to spend time outside.  While you and your family are enjoying this great time of year, are you remembering to protect your eyes?  […]

Happy Holidays!

Wow, December is here!  We’re all wrapped up in holiday preparations and parties and the search for that perfect gift for each person on our list.  It’s easy to lose track of everything else during this festive time of year.    We want to help you remember a few important points.   First, benefits from many vision […]

From Beyond 20/20!

Red, itchy eyes bothering you this fall?  You aren’t alone!  Pollen has been tough on a lot of us this year.  You don’t have to suffer though.  There are a few things you can do to minimize the effect of our bumper crop of ragweed.  Whenever possible, stay indoors while the pollen counts are highest.  […]

Beyond 20/20